Germany’s EU-Subsidy Fraud/Criminal Law Suit

Aktionsbündnis demands that Chancellor Merkel clears up the EU- Subsidy-ScandalCriminal Law Suit filed over EU subsidy fraud of € 114.5 million

The criminal complaint filed at the Berlin Department of public prosecution on February 19th by former judge Christoph Strecker will have been noted by Chancellor Angela Merkel by now. Strecker’s complaint, which is formally filed against the public servant, who signed the German request for EU-subsidies, blames the administration for “obtaining by fraud a subsidy of € 114.5 million from the European Union through referring to a spectacular increase in the capacity of Stuttgart 21, while “effectively … the capacity of the projected station lies a third under the capacity of the existing station.”

Only after significant efforts of research, including investigating at the EU Commission, former judge Strecker obtained the subsidy request, which indeed claims: By the “elimination of the bottleneck of the station in Stuttgart … Stuttgart 21 will reach double capacity” (p 13/ 4.1.).

Here becomes visible, so the speaker of the coalition of action, Dr. Eisenhart von Loeper, an extent of perversion of law and truth, which most of the citizens could not imagine – at least until the revelations of the deceptive practices of the former prime minister of Baden-Württemberg Stefan Mappus. As an indication for the sense of guilt of those in charge, von Loeper also judges that the link to the allegedly doubled capacity of the below surface station disappeared from the EU Commission’s website inconspicuously in the autumn last year. Upon request this was described as an unintended consequence of a website re-launch.

Whether by legal process or voluntarily – it can be expected that the Federal Republic of Germany has to repay the subsidies obtained by fraud. If Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to avoid another European-wide disgrace with her fixation onto the disaster-hit project Stuttgart 21, she should better start repaying the already received financial instalments. Merkel would find it difficult to act as a European goodie in fiscal affairs and blame the Greeks for fiscal trickeries, while at the same time financing a needless vanity project with subsidies from the EU, obtained by fraud.

If, von Loeper continues, following the actual reports the speculative profitability of Stuttgart 21 depended only on € 77 million the story of this project could come to its end with the loss of € 114,5 million EU subsidies.

As a wider result of this criminal law suit the Aktionsbündnis hopes for a public debate on the efficiency of the planned below surface station. While the cost explosion according to recent information has been well known within the Deutsche Bahn since 2009, the S21-responsibles, including Prime Minister Kretschmann and Transport Minister Hermann, must have known at least since the publications of Christoph Engelhardt in October 2011, that Stuttgart 21 does not mean at all an increase in capacity, not to speak about a doubling, but the removal of the capacity of the central rail junction in the German Southwest. This has now been confirmed even by the Deutsche Bahn’s own documents.

„The first victim of Stuttgart 21 was the truth“ said Franz Alt (famous German journalist and author) at a mass rally on February 23rd at the Stuttgart Schlossplatz. The revelation of wrong declaration of costs as the first falsehood was successful, and be it with a delay of some years. It is now time to reveal the second big falsehood.


0049 (0)171 320 980 1 (Werner Sauerborn, also to Christoph Strecker)